Client: Student Work VCAD

Smoke on the water BBQ is meant to provide an
imaginary visual the motivates your mouth to salivate
thinking of the succulent scent of slowly BBQ’d food.
The name of the restaurant, the logo, the food itself
all connect the customer to authentic BBQ.

Target Audience:
Men & Women age 27-65. Single, Married or Families, individuals who enjoy quality locally sourced BBQ food. Those individuals visiting the wharf in Gibsons Harbour by any means at all.

There are no other BBQ restaurants in Gibsons but there is one in nearby Sechelt. There are however several fine dining and upper caliber restaurants in Gibsons.

Design Problem:
This is a relatively new restaurant and as it is primarily takeout and in a unique location it has a few issues gaining awareness from impulse customers. The quality is excellent and with the proper marketing this business should be able to thrive in its spectacular location.

Design Solution:
Show what they have to sell. They have a unique spectacular view to enjoy point blank when visiting the restaurant. This has been a key part of the advertising campaign. Also, the restaurant sells delicious quality affordable authentic BBQ food therefore the other part of the ad campaign is showcasing the food.


The logo was inspired by the name Smoke on the Water. The visual
components of the logo mark illuminate the two things unique to this
business; smoke or the scent of BBQ wafting and the grill which is
what is used to slow cook the BBQ’d meats, fish and vegetables. The
dark grey obviously represents the smoke but since you would never
actually find such a dark smoke billowing from the restaurant the
colour was employed to reinforce imagery that comes to mind when
you hear the word smoke and in this case it was used for the Word
Mark. The visual component the logo mark is made of orange and
blue. The blue of the illustrative smoke lends itself well to the colour
of the sky over Gibsons Harbour. The orange offers a little punch of a
brighter colour further enforcing vision of a smoking hot grill.

The word mark includes “on the water” in the blue colour but this time it represent the of water. To aid the visual the type of “on the water” has the letters bouncing up and down on the waves of the ocean.

Overall the this logo effectively represents a little of everything that
makes up the business Smoke On The Water BBQ Shack.


Smoke on the Water is set up primarily as a take out restaurant. It does have limited seating available but depending on the season and time of day the weather can prove a little unwelcoming so why not take the delicious food to go. This beautiful menu has been crafted to read easily and allow the customer to make their meal choice quickly and efficiently answering all their possible questions in one source. The menu also showcases the new brand mark and a detailed map to assist customers to find the location.

This menu would make an ideal piece of advertising to leave on the key brochure racks distributed around the coast serving a multipurpose as advertising and menu to make you meal choice.

This menu also illuminates the bulk offerings of Smoke on the Water
something customers may not be aware of is the fact that you can order large bulk quantities of any of the slow cooked meats that the BBQ Shack skillfully cooks daily. They have the ability to vacuum seal the meats keeping in the freshness and delicious taste to be consumed when you get where you are going either home or away. Smoke on the Water also provides a variety of catering services and this is stated on the menu making this document the key piece of information for any Smoke on the Water customer.