A menu is a list of food and beverage items offered for sale.
A restaurant is its menu therefor a menu must be designed specifically to suit each unique business. The in house menu differs from the take out menu as they serve slightly different purposes. Its important that both menus maintain the brand and match the essence of the business.

Smoke On The Water BBQ Shack

Client: Student Work VCAD

Smoke on the water BBQ is meant to evoke your mouth to salivate thinking of the succulent scent of slowly BBQ’d food. The name of the restaurant, the logo, the food itself all connect the customer to authentic BBQ.

Smoke on the Water is set up primarily as a take out restaurant. It does have limited seating available but depending on the season and time of day the weather can prove a little unwelcoming so why not take the delicious food to go. This beautiful menu has been crafted to read easily and allow the customer to make their meal choice quickly and efficiently answering all their possible questions in one source. The menu also showcases the new brand mark and a detailed map to assist customers to find the location.

This menu would make an ideal piece of advertising to leave on the  brochure racks distributed around the coast serving a multipurpose as advertising and menu to help customers make their meal choice.

This menu also illuminates the bulk offerings of Smoke on the Water
something customers may not be aware of is the fact that you can order large bulk quantities of any of the slow cooked meats that the BBQ Shack skillfully cooks daily. They have the ability to vacuum seal the meats keeping in the freshness and delicious taste to be consumed when you get where you are going either home or away. Smoke on the Water also provides a variety of catering services and this is stated on the menu making this document the key piece of information for any Smoke on the Water customer.


Client: Student Work VCAD

This was a collaboration project with two other individuals, the objective was to redesign the menu. This project employs cut paper designs and photography by my colleagues. My role in this project was the layout, design and typography of the menu itself.

Group Members:
Erin Kellie
Jenny Li
Youyoung Lee