Flyers, Rack Cards & Stickers

Business Advertising Sticker

Client: Amin S. Prism Systems

These stickers were designed for sales reps traveling around the city to place on job sites under construction advertising their custom installation services. A value added to any general contractor.

Commercial Business Advertising Flyer

Client: Amin S. Prism Systems

These single page flyers were designed as an information mechanism left with general contractors or on large commercial building sites. They provide enough information to complement a cold calling introduction or left for a foreman.  When your business is installation you need to get your information into the right hands at the right time so your services can get in before the drywall goes up.

Business Services Flyer

Client: Erin Kellie Owner Graphic Designer

These flyers were designed in 4x6 delivering maximum information in a compact size. The colours and illustration are meant to catch your eye but the information contained should give a well rounded picture of the services offered and how to contact the service provider.