Erin Kellie

My Vision

A clear message can make all the difference!

A clear message is the art of "Visual Communication" which employs Graphic Design and Marketing to create written and visual information that will accurately be understood to say what you want it to say. Specifically, ensuring it will convey the correct message precisely!

My business is design:

Intelligent, creative design employing solid typography, purposeful layout, quality illustration & photography is what I do.

Proper design, solid brand identity, clear message and strong web presence are what enables your business to work for you!

My Story

Raised in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver I spent my childhood sailing the amazing coastal waters of British Columbia. My connection with the ocean has since brought me to live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Gibsons, BC. It is a mere 40 minute ferry ride to the Lower Mainland and an amazing community. It is a peaceful place to call home, a wonderful place to raise my family, and full of inspiration.

I have always been a creative. In my early teens I fell in love with photography and to this day my camera is part of me and never far from reach. Next I went to school for Marketing and from that my entrepreneurial spirit was born. I jumped in both feet in my early 20s buying a flower shop. I had hoped floral design would fulfill my creative desire and provide financial success. This was a huge endeavor at such a young age and was a wonderful part of my life. However, a conflict arose when I became a mother and discovered my commitment to the business made it difficult to raise my children as I wanted. I sold the flower shop and took a few years to have my kids, volunteer in the community and work on my art. As my babies grew and became more independent I took the opportunity to go back to school and train as a Graphic Designer. Visual Communication is the perfect balance of my skills as it fulfills the creative, the entrepreneur, the marketer and the business woman in me.

My lifelong passion for creativity and design have lead me to this place. I enjoy everything design and can't help but dive in and master how-to every time I discover something new and exciting. The best part about Visual Communications is the learning never stops. This immersion into the creative is awe inspiring and the possibilities are endless. I love what I do and I can't wait to bring my passion to your project.

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